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Dit is waarom wij gebruikmaken van Patchman

Dit is waarom wij gebruikmaken van Patchman. Onze ervaring met Patchman rechtstreeks van de site.

"We host thousands of web sites for our customers. It was hard for us to stay on top of badly maintained web sites and it was impossible to predict which ones might get hacked. Patchman helps us to find vulnerable or hacked sites and provides us with an automated solution to fix them.

Before, we could only respond after abuse had taken place. This was costing my company and our customers a lot of time and frustration. We like to be pro active about security. Now we fix the problem before it occurs. Patchman helps us to do that and our customers absolutely love it!"

Lees meer op http://patchman.co/

Geplaatst door Erik Kosters op 31-3-2015 - Bekijk het nieuws archief

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